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The Executive Drip

The Executive Drip (aka Presidential) combines the perfect blend of amino acids, antioxidants, and multivitamins to revitalize and re-energize your mind and body. CLOCK OUT with this Presidential drip to sharpen your performance with precision.Benefits:
* Elevates Focus
* Improves Mental Clarity
* Decreases Mood Swings
* Combats Stress

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The Champion Drip

The Champion Drip has been designed for athletes and fitness seekers alike. This drip awakens the Champion in all of us delivering a cocktail of essential vitamins, electrolytes, and amino acids required sustain active or competitive lifestyle.Benefits:
* Hydration
* Aids in Muscle Recovery
* Increased Amino Acids

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The Mood Elevator Drip

The Mood (aka Feel Good) Drip is recommended for when you need to brighten your day and lift your spirits. This drip contains more than 10 ingredients known for their serotonin-boosting abilities, to improve your mood and memory function.Benefits:
* Enhances Memory Function
* Improves Mood
* Decreases Mood Swings

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Super Immunity Drip

The Super Immunity Drip is formulated to give your immune system the support it needs to remain healthy. Full of Vitamin C and Antioxidants, this drip equips your body to ward off free radicals and bacteria that present as a risk to your health.Benefits:
* Hydration
* Increases Immunity
* Antioxidant Protection

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The Peak Energy Drip

The Peak Energy Drip provides hydration while optimizing your metabolism, neurological functions and physical performance. This drip is excellent in simultaneously facilitating detox and immunity support support.Benefits:
* Boosts Energy
* Improves Metabolism
* Increases Mental Focus
* Supports Detox

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The Beauty Drip

The Beauty Drip is loaded with 12 powerful essential ingredients to hydrate, brighten, and give your skin that healthy celebrity glow. This drip includes Biotin, Folic Acid, and Vitamin C combined with the mother of all antioxidants, Glutathione to enhance and maintain natural beauty.Benefits:
* Healthy Glow
* Brightens Skin
* Increases Hydration

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Myers Cocktail Drip

The Myers Cocktail Drip, pioneered by the late John Myers, MD combats jet lag, chronic issues like inflammation, pain, and stress. This drip contains a specific blend of multivitamins to help alleviate migraines and muscle pain, reduce anxiety and improve immunity.Benefits:
* Instant Hydration
* Neutralizes Free Radicals
* Reduces Stress & Fatigue
* Reduces Inflammation

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The Banana Bag Drip

The Banana Bag Drip is formulated for individuals with sleeping problems. It has also been a long-standing treatment for Vitamin and Electrolyte Deficiency in patients with chronic alcohol use disorders. It contains a combination of Thiamine, Folic Acid, & Magnesium.Benefits:
* Better Sleep
* Maximizes Hydration
* Alleviates Muscle Cramps

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Anti-Inflammatory Drip

The Anti-Inflammatory Drip maximizes your bodies ability to heal and repair. We help reduce inflammation in the body with our blend of high dose Vitamin C and antioxidants crafted to combat infections, decreased energy and strengthen a weakened immune system.Benefits:
* Reduces Inflammation
* Faster Healing
* Combats Fatigue

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The Hydromax Drip

The Hydromax Drip is the #1 drip used in the ER to treat many conditions. It provides instant hydration and contains a normalizing balance of saline and sodium chloride. This helps to flush out your system, restore electrolytes, and rebalance hydration levels quickly.Benefits:
* Restores Electrolytes
* Instant Hydration
* #1 Drip used in The ER
* Quick 30-minute Treatment

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The Hangover Drip

The Hangover Drip provides fast relief after an intense night of partying. This drip combats the rigors of a morning hangover and makes it possible for you to get up and face your day. Our formulated blend helps reduce body aches and rehydrates your system to help you feel like yourself again.Benefits:
* Hangover Relief
* Boosts Hydration
* Alleviates Aches & Pain

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The Weight Loss Drip

The Weight Loss Drip contains a high dose of MIC to help you achieve your weight loss goals. This drip allows the body to accelerate the metabolic process while creating a greater feeling of overall energy. The densely packed Amino Acids stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism.Benefits:
* Improves Weight Loss
* Boosts Energy & Mood
* Optimizes Metabolism

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I’ve been coming here for multiple sessions of IV treatment; went with a series of the beauty IV package and have been ecstatic with the results! I love how great I have felt and how much my skin has improved. Jenny is one of their skilled nurses who not only has a wealth of knowledge, but has been amazing each time!

Also wanted to mention that their office is conveniently located in Glendale with validated parking.

I look forward to more future sessions because I’m sold! =)

Robert R., 12/9/19

Wow! The IV drip here is truly amazing. I come here every week for either a glutathione or Vitamin C IV. It really picks me up and makes me feel less run down. It always glows up my skin as well. Jenny is so sweet and knowledgeable about everything and she makes me feel super comfortable. Thanks so much to this place!

Ashley T., 12/5/19


We made the decision to come here a couple of weeks a ago after doing some research and I have to say my wife and I extremely happy and satisfied. Jenny is incredibly nice and knowledgeable about the products and helped us make the right decision on the best IV’s and boosters that would be the most beneficial. She talks with us and makes you feel super comfortable while you are here. Thanks Jenny you are awesome!!

We will continue to refer new friends to you. 🙂

Roger C., 3/28/19

Wanted to try IV therapy for the first time, and decided to try Body Systems Wellness because of how close it is to my work. I couldn’t be happier with the staff or the therapy. Jenny was very informative and fun to talk to. She made sure I was very comfortable with an extra pillow, a gatorade, and the TV remote. The 45 minutes I was there flew by in no time. Thanks for a great experience!

Jeremy K., 11/20/18


Body Systems Wellness is composed of doctors specializing in Anti-Aging, Back and Spinal Care, and Orthopedic Integrative Medicine. Our staff is highly trained to deliver the most cutting edge medical services with patient comfort in mind.