Weight Loss Services Glendale

Being overweight has a major impact on a person’s life, and at Body Systems Wellness Regenerative Medicine, we use our expertise in weight loss to help patients not only lose weight but keep it off. We address negative habits that impact weight and help patients learn effective techniques that they can continue to use for the rest of their life.

How Does the Weight-Loss Process Begin?

To begin your weight-loss journey, you will set up a personal consultation. During this consultation, you will undergo an exam and discuss your health history with one of our experienced medical professionals. Your hormone levels and body composition will be analyzed.

We will customize your weight-loss program to you, discuss optimal weight-loss methods, and set expectations in terms of results.

Low-Calorie Diets

Low-calorie diets (LCD) and very low-calorie diets (VLCD) are very effective in weight loss. This method is great for those who want to lose weight quickly. With our monitoring, you can expect to shed those unwanted pounds.

These diets can cause patients to lose a large amount of weight. If more weight loss is required after this, we would recommend an extension in your weight-loss program to help meet your needs.

IV Drips

IV drips give a boost to the patient’s energy levels by restoring optimal levels of vitamins in their system. They do this by providing a high level of electrolytes to the patient’s system.

Restoring vitamin levels can also correct sleep patterns for increased weight loss. There is a correlation between lack of sleep and vitamin deficiency; when you’re experiencing a vitamin deficiency, you will find that your sleep patterns can become irregular. Sleep is an essential part of effective weight loss, and lack of sleep hinders results.

As an added benefit, IV drips can help you recover after workouts to make your weight-loss journey less taxing.

Balancing Hormone Levels for Weight Loss

As we age, some of us blame our fatigue on getting older. We put on weight that is hard to get off. We suffer from insomnia, irritable bowels, a drop in libido, and depression. What we fail to recognize is that these symptoms could be signs of a hormone imbalance.

Hormone imbalance is a natural part of aging. For example, women go through menopause and men slowly produce less testosterone over time.

The issues associated with hormone imbalances can cause a diminished quality of life that results in weight gain. We can help you lose weight by addressing these hormone imbalances.

Modifying Your Lifestyle

Losing weight can require changing your daily activities. For example, if you’re not exercising currently, you will need to get into a healthy and effective routine. Diet and exercise are an essential part of losing weight and keeping it off.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

Addressing lifestyle and internal issues can have a major positive impact on your weight loss. This can help you lose weight at a healthy and sustainable pace.

Contact Body Systems Wellness Regenerative Medicine to set up a consultation and learn more about losing weight. During a consultation, you will be able to raise any concerns or questions that you may have. Our experienced staff has the skills and resources needed to give you amazing and long-lasting results.